The Premier Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits in the USA Today

Geodesic greenhouse kits from Growing Spaces®, LLC
Celebrating 25 years of innovation in solar greenhouse design and efficiency

Because of its seven unique features, the Growing Dome greenhouse, if heated for tropical plants, uses only 1/3 of the amount of heat needed by a regular greenhouse. As a result, the Growing Dome dramatically reduces our environmental footprint. At the same time, this solar greenhouse provides the optimal environment for growing fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits throughout the year.

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Our Growing Domes represent much more than a greenhouse… they are a way of life.
- Udgar Parsons, Founder

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The benefits of our greenhouse are beyond organic food and nutrition. Our customers are empowered by the practicality of little or no reliance on outside sources of energy. On many levels, an increase of self-reliance and independence leads a person to greater quality of life. In addition, the deeply nurturing contact with plants and nature’s cycles is a reward for any age. Wellness thrives from the nourishment and beauty in this lifestyle experience.

Imagine the peace that you’re creating, to extend the growing season for 6 months or more! We featured the Growing Dome in Sunset Magazine because it works.” – Dick Bushnell