Create a Thriving Natural Lifestyle with our Award-Winning Growing Dome Greenhouse Kits

calltoactionheaderThe Growing Dome greenhouse is a state of the art greenhouse perfected over 25 years of business. Its unique and innovative design means the Growing Dome requires little or no heating, as it relies on the natural power of the sun to empower you to create your own indoor garden.

The dome shape is immensely strong and wind friendly. The Growing Dome greenhouse has withstood over 130 mph winds and over 8 ft of snow in a single storm.

•    Take control over your own diet, health and nutrition
•    Produce the tastiest organic food all year round
•    Create a beautiful indoor space for nurturing relaxation

Secure your Growing Dome now, at 2012 Prices.

After three years of holding our prices the same, we need to increase the prices of the Growing Dome kits this year. This is due to the rising cost of materials and the upgrades to the kit that we have not accounted for as of yet (for example, the snowshed doorway). If you are interested in securing the 2012 prices, reserve your Growing Dome with a 50% deposit before February 14, 2015, and schedule delivery by May 31, 2015.