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school greenhouse A Growing Dome® has proven itself to be the ultimate “ecology lab” at many schools. Students harvest herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants in their specimen gardens. They experiment with solar power, seasonal cycles, techniques for organic gardening, fish production and seed saving. And perhaps more importantly, these living classrooms instill a greater sense of respect for our environment and earth amongst our future generations.

school greenhousesIn addition, as more schools focus on healthier lunches and health education, our Growing Dome greenhouses can be a central focus for fresh organic salad bars and learning about organic gardening.

Growing Spaces® is more than a product…it is a way of living a green, independent and responsible lifestyle. To that end, we are involved in educating children, adults, communities and organizations on green practices, organic farming techniques, shifting awareness/embracing change, sustainable lifestyles and modeling a new business culture.

From holding gardening classes, to speaking at a variety of conferences, producing articles and videos, as well as partnering with other organizations who promote healthy living, Growing Spaces is focused on educating and empowering individuals one step at a time.

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