aquaponics greenhouse system: part 3

Aquaponics Greenhouse System: Part 3

Bring in the Fish There is nothing worse than floating fish in your aquaponics system. Thankfully, Kyle is an aquaponics extraordinaire and gives you the 5 Things You Must Do Before You Put Your Fish Into Your Aquaponics System.   Do not dump your newly sourced fish into your aquaponics system until their new environment is ready! Udgar came home…

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Cycling greenhouse aquaponics

Cycling your Greenhouse Aquaponic System

How to cycle your NEW aquaponic system… Cycling in aquaponics is the process of creating an aqueous ecosystem to benefit your plants, fish, and bacteria. The plants, fish, and bacteria all prefer different environments, yet with aquaponics, we are combining each into a single ecosystem. In order to make everyone happy, minor compromises must be made. There are five key components…

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Aquaponics Systems progress

Aquaponics Greenhouse System: Part 2

The excitement is building and I sense a fish release party coming soon. Let me explain… …we are almost ready for the fish in our 18′ Growing Dome® Aquaponics Pilot Project! We have made considerable progress in the last few weeks. Watch Kyle’s video update below. Aquaponics Greenhouse System: Part 2 Aquaponics Greenhouse Sysem: Part 2 What does this mean…

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Organic Pest Control: Thrips

Organic Pest Control: Thrips The plants in the Growing Dome were doing so well this year… …and then we started to notice some stippled leaves. The tomatoes were hit first with spider mites once the rains stopped. Spider mites thrive in hot, dry conditions. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones that love the heat. The bean and melon leaves…

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Annie's Pond

Littleton Academy and Annie’s Pond

In 2014 the fine folks at Littleton Academy, in Littleton CO, were awarded the Growing Spaces In-Kind Grant Award. The mission of their project, in their own words: “to create an environmentally efficient and sustainable greenhouse which can be funded after inception by the revenue generated from the selling of seeds, flowers for Mother’s day, organic vegetables, and herbs. A…

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Aquaponics In Your Growing Dome

Aquaponics In Your Growing Dome® Aquaponics might be one of the most exciting agricultural developments to happen in a long time. Being involved with sustainable agriculture and alternative food production systems, there is not a day that goes by without someone talking about aquaponics. Well, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration… …BUT if it’s not everyday, it is…

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An Example of Sustainability and Stewardship in Action, Mission: Wolf

Growing Domes and Mission: Wolf A Living example of Sustainability and Stewardship “A wolf in a cage is good for one thing… …to teach people NOT to put wolves in cages.” Mission: Wolf I applaud the work of our friends over the mountains in Westcliffe Co. Mission: Wolf You won’t believe how they are raising the money for their second…

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organic pest control roly poly

Organic Pest Control And The Roly Poly

Strawberries and sandboxes…. ….and what is the difference between Roly Polies and Sow Bugs? And more importantly, are they harmful to your garden? And what organic pest control methods work for Roly Polies? As a child I spent many summer afternoons playing in the sand box.  Near the sandbox was my mom’s strawberry patch. The strawberry patch was a place…

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Transforming the Water Tank Into a Thriving Ecosystem

AQUATIC PLANTS The growing capacity of your garden does not have to be limited to what can be grown in the soil. Aquatic plants not only add to the aesthetic appeal, they aid the overall functionality of the water tank. Advantages of Water Plants -attractive -improve water quality (acts as filter of unwanted substances) -helps eliminate algae production -provide food…

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Sierra House Elementary; Going Beyond The Curriculum

Sierra House Elementary School in Tahoe, California purchased two 18’ Growing Domes® from Growing Spaces® in September 2014. The installation was complete by November 2014. Michelle McLean, the dome chair; Kristi Wilson, first grade teacher & dome manager; Rebecca Bryson, assistant dome fundraiser; and Ryan Galles, Principal of Sierra House Elementary, had only dreamed about installing greenhouses on the school…

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