Accessories and Upgrades for Your Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Greenhouse Accessories, Greenhouse Vent Openers & Doors, Solar Cooling Fans & Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Growing Spaces® includes many greenhouse accessories in our Growing Dome® solar greenhouses standard that other companies make you purchase. Our Growing Dome kits feature greenhouse vent openers, solar cooling fans and greenhouse shade cloths to help keep temperatures at ideal levels. Our Growing Domes also come standard with an all weather wood greenhouse foundation and an insulated door with a clear window and screen. Below you will find photos and an explanation of the standard features of Growing Spaces Growing Dome greenhouse kits.

Automatic Greenhouse Vent Openers

Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener


The automatic greenhouse vent openers are heat activated and require no electricity to operate. The upper and lower vents of the green houses open and close at an adjustable preset temperature due to the melting and expansion of beeswax in a piston. Cooling of the Growing Dome is then achieved as hot air escapes from the top vents and cold air is drawn in through the lower vents.


Greenhouse Door / Snowshed Entryway

Greenhouse Door


We are the first geodesic dome kit manufacturer to develop and offer the snowshed entryway. With the improved snowshed entryway, the snow that slides off the top of the Growing Dome is redirected out and away from the front of the greenhouse door eliminating this problem. The insulated door that comes standard with the kit also includes a small window. Learn more about adding an additional greenhouse door to larger sizes.


Solar Powered (12v) Greenhouse Cooling Fans

Solar Powered Greenhouse Fan
A greenhouse solar cooling fan comes standard on our 26 ft. Growing Dome greenhouse. You can add a solar cooling fan to any size kit by purchasing the Desert Heat Package. This package is well suited for very hot and dry areas of the country, as you may find that the normal combination of cooling features may not be sufficient to cool your Growing Dome in the summer. The electric greenhouse cooling fans on the 33 ft. and 42 ft. Growing Dome greenhouses can be converted to solar powered fans with the Solar Cooling Fan Upgrade.


Electric (110v) Greenhouse Cooling Fans

Electric Greenhouse Fan


Electric (110v) Cooling Fans are included in the greenhouse kits for the 33′ and 42′ Growing Domes. The 33′ Growing Dome green houses come with three 110V fans standard and the 42′ Growing Domes come with four 110v fans standard. The 110v cooling fans are energy efficient and only use between 50-85 watts of energy each.


Greenhouse Shade Cloth

aluminet shade clothThe greenhouse shade cloth is included in every kit and is very useful in keeping the Growing Domes cool during the heat of the summer by cutting down on the amount of sunlight transmitted into the green houses. The greenhouse shade cloth reduces the amount of summer sunlight without depriving the plants of too much light.



24 inch Greenhouse Foundation Wall

Greenhouse Foundation Wall


The 24″ foundation wall on the Growing Domes has a couple of important benefits. The foundation wall raises the Growing Dome above the snow on the ground in the winter, allowing more sunshine to enter through the polycarbonate glazing panels. In addition, the perimeter gardening beds inside the Growing Dome are raised to the same height as the foundation wall.


Drip Edge Flashing

drip edge flashing for growing dome top plateThis Drip Edge Flashing protects the wood on the inside of the top of your foundation wall from moisture and long-term degradation. There can, at times, be enough condensation accumulate to have water or ice sitting on the top plate of the greenhouse foundation wall for prolonged periods of time. Over the years this can degrade your wood despite having the best wood treatment possible initially applied to the wood. This custom cut and bent metal flashing installs right over your top plate.


You can now order new or replacement parts and accessories for your Growing Dome online at our store front page. As always, we are available to assist you if needed – just give us a call!

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