Greenhouse Dome Kits: Where Life Thrives

Greenhouse Dome Kits: Where Life Thrives

Garden Greenhouse

Growing Spaces® state-of-the-art geodesic greenhouse dome kits create a life-giving space. They offer the ability to grow fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers indoors year-round. We offer small to large greenhouses ideal for hobby gardeners, schools, farms, and communities.

Prices start at $7,250
All our Growing Dome greenhouse kits include:

Accessorize Your Greenhouse

We offer accessories and upgrades to make sure your greenhouse dome kit performs the way you intend. These include a solar-powered waterfall, weather packages for desert climates and windy environments, extra greenhouse door, and solar cooling fan upgrade.

The Growing Dome is incredibly energy-efficient: all the materials, fixtures, shape, and triangular elements work together to achieve passive solar design. Its dome shape also provides a large amount of growing space, via raised beds, trellises, and horizontal plant-training techniques. All you need is good soil and healthy seeds to enjoy a succession of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs throughout the year.

Because of its seven unique features, the Growing Dome greenhouse, if heated, uses only 1/3 of the amount of heat that a regular greenhouse needs. Throughout your dome’s 15 to 20-year lifespan, you can get returns three to four times bigger than your initial investment from the amount and value of produce you grow. More than that, the benefits you enjoy in terms of carbon footprint, health, and recreation are truly priceless.

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