Grapes Galore – July 2013 Dome of the Month

Bernadette Dickinson 22 June 2013_blogThe results are in, and we got a bunch of votes (747) and a slew of comments (42) about Bernadette Dickinson’s photo of her bunches of grapes. It makes us want to make the short drive south just to be able to eat a handful out of Bernadette’s 22′ Growing Dome greenhouse. Bernadette and her family have been growing in their greenhouse for four years now. Way to go with the delightful trellis and succulent grapes, and keep on growing!

This is a perfect example of how vines and trees help shade the Growing Dome and keep the temperatures drastically cooler in the summer. To learn more about the “Forest Garden Concept” view this video with Growing Spaces founder, Udgar Parsons.

Here is what this trellis looks like in the overall space of Bernadette’s family’s Growing Dome…


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