Get your Growing Dome Before the Snow Flies!

It’s Fall!  That means it is time to trade in our flip flops and t-shirts for fuzzy boots and parkas. We have two exciting announcements that accompany the change in weather:

We are poised and ready to produce and ship your Growing Dome!

There will be a price increase in 2018 – it is already in process. The 2017 prices won’t last long, but you can take advantage of them with this promotion while supplies last. (see below for restrictions).

With the incredible destruction of mother nature this year, there have been price increases on the components of the dome kits so get your 2017 price locked in!  Our current stock of components is in limited supply. If you were thinking of ordering a Dome, now is the time.

Order during this promotion and get 12 hours of online classes FREE!  That’s a value of $130. Plus, we’ll include a custom planting guide to help you get started planting your dome!

Tour of Domes at Growing Spaces
We invite you to join us here at our facility for Open House of the Growing Domes on October 14th, from 10am to 2pm. The weather is starting to change from mild and warm to cold and chilly, and we can no longer garden outdoors. The colder temperatures outside and the warmer air in the dome really create an amazing contrast, and here is your chance to experience it for yourself!
This tour will include five sizes of Growing Dome, our 15 ft twin wall, 18 ft with aquaponics system, 22, 26 and 33ft diameter domes loaded with veggies, fruit, and flowers.

Here’s the best part!  If you attend our Tour of Domes and order a Growing Dome you will receive a free gift:  our solar water fall valued at $290 in addition to the 12 hours of free online classes and the custom planting guide! Just by coming to check out the domes, you will be entered to win passes to the Springs Resort and Spa!

Join us for our Open House to experience the Domes for yourself, or call us at 1-800 753-9333 to order your Growing Dome Kit before the prices increase. We are located at 1868 Majestic Drive, Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Certain restrictions apply for this promotion:Sales agreements must be signed and 50% payment must be received by October 20th 2017.Growing Dome kits must shipped to you by end of 2017.






    • Hello Stacey,

      Do you have Facebook? If so, check out our Growing Dome Enthusiast Facebook Group. If you reach out on that group for a tour in your area, you should have good luck finding someone near by that would like to show their Growing Dome to you. You may also come to Pagosa Springs to see the 5 Growing Dome sizes we have on site. We would love to have you here for our event this weekend! October 14th from 10am to 2pm. Email or call me if you need more info or 800-753-9333.

      Talk to you soon,


  1. I’m having a hard time finding lists of fruit trees that grow and fruit in the domes. Everyone knows about citrus. What about figs, papaya,avocado, mango, banana, persimmons (the picture above looks like persimmons)? Are there other fruit trees we could see in the green houses during the tour?

    • Hello Channelle,

      There are many fruit trees suitable for the Growing Dome. You will just want to make sure that the trees you get are dwarfs or a tree that you can prune heavily to control the height. The 33′ Growing Dome has a height of 15′ 5″ and the 42′ Growing Dome has a height of 16′ 6″. We have figs in most of our Growing Domes on site. The 33′ Growing Dome has a persimmons, jujube, a few avocado trees, and several large grape vines. We even have a pomegranate in there, but it is not in an ideal location, so it does not do very well. If it was in a better location, I am sure we would get fruit from it. I know several of our customers have papaya, grapefruit, passion fruit, kiwi, banana, and other citrus. We have a kumquat in our 26′ Growing Dome. Hope to see you at the open house tomorrow!



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