healthy snack

One Healthy Snack Without The Burden Of Prep Time

One Healthy Snack You  Can Grab On The Go… Without The Burden Of Prep Time You like to eat. You want a healthy snack. You’re hungry… all the time. It’s the same for all of us. We’re all hungry all the time.  My kids are always asking for food… always on the prowl for the next snack, and if I…

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garden herbs for flu

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season Boost Immunity and Beat the Flu with these Powerful Medicines Found in Your Kitchen, Window-Shelf Pot, or Year Round Growing Dome® Garden. You can use these 5 garden herbs for flu season to boost immunity and alleviate aching, nagging, cold and flu symptoms. I honestly don’t want to talk about the flu. It hit…

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Holiday Solstice 2017

As I think about my experience shopping yesterday, as everyone prepares for the holidays in our town, I am struck by the Holiday energy, thoughts about ending 2017, and affirming what will be healthy for the New Year.  The offer of a “21 Day Pilates Holiday Slimdown” reminds me of the urge to improve in the New Year, and the…

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dig for victory poster

The Gift of Food Security

What does food security mean to you? Does it mean that your food is grown organically without pesticides and hormones?  Does it mean that you know you will always have food on your table for your family because you can supply it yourself? Maybe it means you have grown enough food to collaborate with family and friends on bartering and…

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words written in sugar

Our Sugared Lives

TOO MUCH SUGAR TOO MUCH SUGAR – This is all we hear in the news and in health magazines. Every news organization is reporting on Americans eating too much sugar. What does all this mean? How much is too much?  Most people think “eh, I don’t eat doughnuts and cookies so I should be OK”.  Are you really?  Let’s take…

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girl with flowers inside Growing Dome

Thankful at Thanksgiving

It’s the middle of November, and I walk outside into the crisp coldness that reminds me winter is closer than it appears.  Our backyard has Growing Domes, and entering one of these is like transporting yourself into another world. It’s warm and a bit humid inside, completely opposite from the outer world I just left. I get to share this world…

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worms in cup


What is vermiculture?  I wondered the same thing myself, because listening to garden podcasts and just talking to people about gardening in general I hear this term often. I know it is supposed to make my garden amazing. I hear it’s easy. So what is it? It’s worms.  And worm poop. Before you say gross and stop reading, understand that…

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Soil Farmers

“We are grass farmers” is a quote from the famous Joel Salatin and I can’t seem to forget it.  He explains that in order to grow great cattle, poultry, or pigs, you must have great food to give to them. (Sound familiar?)  In order to grow that grass to feed those animals, you must have great soil.  Salatin has spoken…

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Essentially Being: Transitioning to a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

Building blocks of a healthier life Our health is so important and it can change so rapidly. There are a plethora of small things that you can do to positively  transition your well being and your lifestyle effectively. The little things really do add up! Before you know it they can create a snowball effect in your life and you…

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Inspiring and Educating People’s Lives around the globe

Here at Growing Spaces we live the life we promote, eating what we grow in our Growing Domes.  We know the benefits, and we know it just WORKS!  We can tell you about all the benefits many times over again, but sometimes it is helpful to just see it in action and hear about the inspiration it provides from our…

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