Colorado Growing Dome Sucessful First Summer

“My name is Nancy Pallaoro. I am writing today to tell you how much I enjoy my 26′¬†Colorado Growing Dome greenhouse. I had my greenhouse installed in August of last year so this is my first summer with my Growing Dome. It has been amazing the way everything has grown, and so quickly. I did not expect it to produce…

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Home Greenhouses

Growing Dome Survives Baseball Sized Hail

From John & Barbara Eychaner in Banner, Wyoming “No damage to Growing Dome solar greenhouse after hailstorm. In mid-afternoon on May 26, 2013 we had quite a hail storm. I was not home but my husband was. Some of the hailstones were close to softball-baseball size which, of course, did lots of damage. We have had to have our house…

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Update from Green Angel Gardens Greenhouse

Larkin Stentz emailed us these beautiful picture of their 22′ Growing Dome Greenhouse at Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA.  

California Growing Dome

Growing Dome at the Solar Living Institute

Recently we received an update from the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA of the 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse built in 2012… “The Growing Dome is one of the main attractions at the Solar Living Institute. Generously donated by Growing Spaces (located in Pagosa Springs, CO), it allows us to grow vegetation that needs a more stable environment than what…

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December Dome of the Month

December Winner – Tropical Flowers in Winter

Growing Tropical Flowers in Winter. Congratulations to Gail and Bert Waser from SE Oregon on winning December’s Dome of the Month contest. Wow! They really blew us all away with this beautiful photo of their snow kissed Growing Dome full of tropical flowers. Gail took this photo on Nov. 18th and had the following to add, “A little chilly last…

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banana in an Oregon greenhouse

Success Gardening Indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast

Success gardening indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast! Gabrielle and Urs built their 22′ Growing Dome in the spring of 2012. They live on the central Oregon coast where rain and clouds are very common. Since the Growing Dome is a solar-powered greenhouse, they knew they would have to make some adjustments during the cloudy, rainy winters, but with…

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Greenhouse Helps New Gardener Learn Quickly

We love hearing from our Growing Dome owners, so when we received a very encouraging email from Lori Binczak, we had to share it with you guys. It’s so great when we get little reminders like this that remind us why we do what we do. We can’t believe what she’s accomplished in her 18′ Growing Dome! Simply amazing! Here’s…

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The Return Customers

Meet David and Edna Allen, some home gardeners who have enjoyed their Growing Dome, enjoyed it so much in fact that they have actually bought seven of them. In this video they talk to Puja Parsons about their many Growing Domes, and some of the techniques they use to to grow all year long.

Story Time With Truckee Community Farm

Bill Kelly and Susie Sutphin, two of the people who have started a project they call Truckee Community Farms, came to Growing Spaces and explained what their focus is and how they got started. We love to hear from people like these who take a good idea and put it into action, and we are so thankful to them for…

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Restoring Keweenaw Bay

In Michigan’s upper peninsula, a program to restore native groundcover is underway. It is called the Zaagkii Project, and one of the tools they have is a Growing Dome that they utilize for propagation of endangered and culturally¬†significant¬†plants. This 33′ Growing Dome built in Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC), is also used to give training to the tribal leaders. Below…

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