Mission: Wolf, Off Grid Gardening

Off Grid Gardening: Two Indoor Gardens at 9,000 ft. Elevation.               Does off grid gardening seem impossible? Mission: Wolf accomplishes mission impossible. Not one, but two, indoor gardens at a staggering 9,000 ft.  Their secret… not green thumbs. Wolves. Off Grid Gardening with a Growing Dome Mission: Wolf proves truly unique. The wolf sanctuary in Westcliffe,…

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Pine River Garden Club: Growing Gardeners

Pine River Garden Club… Bayfield, CO Growing Gardeners and a Local Foodshed with a Growing Dome® at the Pine River Community Garden Instead of garlic from China and avocados from Mexico… The Pine River Garden Club cultivates their own local foodshed… Grows Gardeners… And shows you how to harvest what you thought wouldn’t grow here. Pine River Garden Club… Community…

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girl with flowers inside Growing Dome

7 Simple Secrets to Maintain Vibrant Health

  75 Year Old Ex-Dentist Reveals Effective No Cost Methods of Improving Health Naturally Following are 7 simple tips to maintain vibrant health… as given by this guy. And unless you’re brand new here, I bet you recognize our fearless leader… Udgar Parsons, the creator of the Growing Dome® and co-owner of Growing Spaces®. You’ve probably seen him in action….

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healthy snack

One Healthy Snack Without The Burden Of Prep Time

One Healthy Snack You  Can Grab On The Go… Without The Burden Of Prep Time You like to eat. You want a healthy snack. You’re hungry… all the time. It’s the same for all of us. We’re all hungry all the time.  My kids are always asking for food… always on the prowl for the next snack, and if I…

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garden herbs for flu

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season Boost Immunity and Beat the Flu with these Powerful Medicines Found in Your Kitchen, Window-Shelf Pot, or Year Round Growing Dome® Garden. You can use these 5 garden herbs for flu season to boost immunity and alleviate aching, nagging, cold and flu symptoms. I honestly don’t want to talk about the flu. It hit…

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dig for victory poster

The Gift of Food Security

What does food security mean to you? Does it mean that your food is grown organically without pesticides and hormones?  Does it mean that you know you will always have food on your table for your family because you can supply it yourself? Maybe it means you have grown enough food to collaborate with family and friends on bartering and…

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words written in sugar

Our Sugared Lives

TOO MUCH SUGAR TOO MUCH SUGAR – This is all we hear in the news and in health magazines. Every news organization is reporting on Americans eating too much sugar. What does all this mean? How much is too much?  Most people think “eh, I don’t eat doughnuts and cookies so I should be OK”.  Are you really?  Let’s take…

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Essentially Being: Transitioning to a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

Building blocks of a healthier life Our health is so important and it can change so rapidly. There are a plethora of small things that you can do to positively  transition your well being and your lifestyle effectively. The little things really do add up! Before you know it they can create a snowball effect in your life and you…

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Sowing Winter Crops in the Growing Dome

Sow your seeds in early fall to prepare for you Winter Garden: If you grow in a Growing Dome, greenhouse, or even want to try to extend your season in an outdoor garden, the time has come to sow seeds for fall and winter gardening. If you sow in late August to early September, your seeds will germinate and grow…

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the growing food revolution

Beneficial Insects

Gardening in a Growing Dome is rewarding. Upon entering the Growing Dome, we inflate our lungs with clean, fresh air, instantly melting away any fears or worries we had moments before. In this sanctuary we feed the fish, smell the blossoms, snack on some healthy treats along the way, and nourish the soil. Sowing seeds in the spring provides us…

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