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Gardening: Enjoy Growing Spaces Leading Edge Greenhouses

Posted on : July 21, 2015
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Posted by : Kyle
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Gardening: Growing Spaces revolutionizes the greenhouse marketplace with their net-zero, solar Growing Dome and promotes an independent lifestyle based on the power of growing your own food.



  1. Hi there Growing Spaces people, I have been looking at your web site for several years. Now, I am thinking it is time for me to act. I have a very nice 35 acres South of Gunnison Co. in Saguache county located in Gold Basin at 9000 ft. Presently, I have a small hexagon cabin and a sauna on the property. Now, it is time to add the greenhouse.

    How long in advance do I need to give you to order my greenhouse? I planning on having the building in at this time next year. I could do the foundation work this year in preparation for the installation next spring. Is this fall out of the question? Please let me know and I will start working with you on a schedule.

    Peace, Blake Woodward

    • Hey Blake,
      Sounds like a great spot there. Hexagon cabin and a suana. I think a Growing Dome will fit right in there.
      We’ll have a product specialist get in touch to work out the details and answer any questions you have.

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