Quality Greenhouse. Our Commitment: Product Excellence

A Quality Greenhouse Reflects a Quality of Life

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” -William A. Foster

Our prices are going to go up soon.

I’ll tell you how to lock in your Growing Dome® at 2016 pricing in just a moment. But I want to be clear about something.

We will not compromise our commitment to product excellence and providing a quality greenhouse. And we will not compromise our commitment to customers who value sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. 

And you can be certain we will not stray from our founding mission to provide an affordable, state of the art greenhouse for backyard gardeners.

You’ll see how we compare to the industry competition of “quality greenhouses” in just a moment. But first…quality greenhouse

One Mad Scientist’s Vision for Your Backyard

When you get Udgar on a roll and fired up, he loves to tell the story of the first time he walked into the Biodome at the Windstar Foundation. He was amazed at its ability to grow food, even in the middle of a Colorado winter.

The Biodome was a feat of engineering and environmental stewardship. Its founders, John Denver and Tom Crum were following their mentor’s axiom, “to do more with less.”

The Biodome was big. Too big for your backyard. They were targeting large institutions with their model.

Udgar saw an opportunity.

His “mad scientist” mind… or maybe his environmental and humanitarian nature… got busy.extend growing season quality greenhouseHe took what he learned working at the Windstar Foundation… added unique design elements and features… reduced the scale… and created the Growing Dome.

An affordable geodesic greenhouse for gardeners. Suitable for your backyard.

Realizing we live on a planet with finite resources, the Growing Dome’s intelligent design fulfills Buckminster Fuller’s principle… “to do more with less.”

Quality Attracts Quality

You can buy a hoop house. They are cheap. Relatively.

They work. You can grow food in them. They are the right solution for some people… in certain situations. They have their place. They also have their drawbacks.

See our comparison of types of greenhouses. Compare their pricing, features, pros and cons here.

Some people want – need – strength, durability, capability, and reliability.

Sometimes a quality greenhouse is the only satisfactory solution. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already inspired by quality. You already know the benefits of a quality greenhouse. And that says something about how you approach life as a whole.

You Choose a Quality of Life

Of course, we pride ourselves on creating a quality product… and delivering quality services.

But what’s more, we admire the standard of quality you expect. We honor your decisions for quality of life.

A quality of life that puts you outdoors, in nature, with your hands in the soil… tending living growing things.oct tours

You Choose a Quality of Food

A quality of food that is fresh, vibrant, and nutrient dense.

Grown under your close scrutiny. Confident you know where your food comes from. You know what is put into your soil. You know what is “sprayed” or not sprayed on your food.

Our customers choose quality, and we are happy to deliver. quality greenhouse

“We can grow all the vegetables we can eat year-round. Last year we still had tomatoes in December! I think this is the best choice for a greenhouse. It will hold up for many years. It thrives above and beyond my expectations. My garden helped me to heal from serious disease and to reclaim my life energy.” – Richard Black: Durango, CO

To Maintain Standards of Product Excellence… We Will Be Raising Prices This Winter

Yes, Udgar was successful at creating an affordable geodesic greenhouse kit. Growing Spaces® has been successful at providing backyard gardeners with a year round, self-contained ecosystem for growing organic food.

The Growing Dome is a net-zero, sustainable greenhouse disrupting the traditional greenhouse industry. Its continual refinement and unique features put it in a category of its own.

Is it the cheapest greenhouse on the market? Probably not.

And… sometimes you get what you pay for.

We are not chasing the title of “most expensive greenhouse” and hope you like it because you spent a lot of money. We strive for affordability… AND product excellence.

Look how our price and features compare to other quality greenhouses on the market today. 

Comparison of 2-Wall (8mm) Polycarbonate Covered Greenhouses

Feature Growing Spaces
“Growing Dome”
ACF Greenhouses
“Cape Cod”
Jefferson Educational Charley’s Greenhouses
“Solar Gro”
Square Feet 350 336 384 320
Polycarbonate Glazing Type 2-Wall 2-Wall 2-Wall 2-Wall
Price $10,450 $17,015 $16,499 $12,665
Price per Square Foot $30 $50 $43 $40
Utility-Free, Year-Round Gardening*      
Above Ground Pond (Thermal Mass Regulates Temperature)      
Solar Powered Soil Heating/Cooling System      
Automatic Venting
Built-In Insulating Blanket/Sunshade      
Engineered Plans for 60+ PSF Snow Load      
Wind Friendly Aerodynamic Dome Shape      
Foundation Wall Included Kit      
Nationwide Installation Service      
Gardening Classes Live & Online      
Site Selection: Personalized Advice      
Building Department Assistance (if needed)      

* In most climates in the United States. See more comparisons here.

“My Growing Dome is a naturally controlled eco-system that provides an ideal environment for the year-round growth of my herbs and vegetables, and allows me an optimum diet. It also furnishes me with flowers when there are none outside… and gives me a soul-soothing place to be.”– Marcia

To maintain the standards of product excellence our customers expect… and the quality we are committed to… we will be raising our prices this winter.

And you can bet we are going to keep a watchful eye on the competition and maintain our superior product, service, and pricing. 

How to Lock In your 2016 Pricing

Buy your Growing Dome now… before the price increase happens. Know you are getting the best value for your dollar when you invest in a Growing Dome.

We stand behind the quality of the Growing Dome and our supportive community of Growing Dome owners.

If you wait until next year to buy your Growing Dome, you will still be investing in the best quality greenhouse on the market today. And even though we both value quality… I bet we also value a deal when it presents itself.

Your deal is presenting itself.

Buy your Growing Dome now, before the price increase takes place… and lock in your 2016 pricing. 

Here’s what to do next.

Call this number… 1-800-753-9333

One of these three happy handsome product specialists will be available to answer any of your questions… and help you find the Growing Dome that best suits your needs.kyle brookens growing spaces stafftom bonde product specialistproduct specialist

 Kyle Brookens                                Tom Bonde                                          Kesy Curtis




  1. Please specify the 2017 price increase.
    I do not yet know the size I am interested in.
    Is it possible to put a down payment on one as a lay away?
    Thanks, Jon

    • John,

      You can view the 2017 prices by clicking this link. This list includes all sizes available. The only prices that are not reflected here are the upgrades. The upgrades will go up for 2017 as well. Once you have a size or two in mind, please send me an email at kyle@growingspaces.com and I will be sure to get you the prices for any upgrades you are interested in, if any. You can place a 50% down payment for now, but the remaining balance is due within 60 days of your deposit.

      Feel free to give us a call: 800-753-9333 & have a wonderful day,


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