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We love engaging with our Growing Dome owners and being a valuable resource for their greenhouse gardening needs. When someone purchases a dome from Growing Spaces, they become part of our community. We love hearing the stories of how our product has helped someone eat healthier, expand a farm business, change a community, or simply learn more about nature and themselves. Enjoy some testimonials or VIEW MORE RECENT TESTIMONIES ON OUR BLOG or VIEW DOME OWNER VIDEOS.

home greenhouse“The energy and beauty of our cultivating the Growing Dome has been a boon to our sanctuary and healthy retreats. We especially love our figs!”
– Victoria More, Corelight Retreat Center



It’s like a sanctuary with an English garden look, the sort of place you just want to spend lots of time. Three to four times a day we’re out here just to see what’s come up… We just love it!”
– Annalisa Mather, home greenhouse gardener


“We grow all kinds of annuals and perennials — both herbs and vegetables — to sell to organic gardeners as starter plants. The dome has performed very well; we love the atmosphere created by the sun and plants.”
– Mary Kay Carpenter, 33′ dome owner and small farm owner


“I’m so proud of my basil I had to send this photo to you. Remember, my basil is waist high! You can quote me on that.”
– Maria



“Our purpose is to do restoration and reforestation of endangered species of plants and teach healthy lifestyles in response to the crises of the survival of the Blackfeet Nation. The use of this Growing Dome put us 30 years ahead of the country in green house technology.”
– Wilbur Fish


“I’m very grateful for my wonderful Growing Domes. They are the lifeline of my farm. Thank you, Growing Spaces!”
– Joanie


“My dome gives such wonderful food to share; everyone loves it. And the way the sun shines in is just astonishing; the lighting is so gracious and inspiring. I love my dome!”
– Darlene


“The Growing Dome has been the best thing that we have done in years. We dug a large pond and built a waterfall, and now have goldfish and koi enjoying the Dome too. Then we started planting about the 3rd week in June. 15 different kinds of banana trees, and nearly that many different gingers (some of both are edible). We also planted tomatoes, peppers and several kinds of herbs. We have been eating our veggies for a couple of weeks now. I can’t say enough good things or thank you enough.”
– Larry and Debbie

“My Growing Dome is a naturally controlled eco-system that provides an ideal environment for the year-round growth of my herbs and vegetables, and allows me an optimum diet. It also furnishes me with flowers when there are none outside,… and gives me a soul-soothing place to be.”
– Marcia


“We love how relaxing and peaceful it is. We enjoy growing organic foods to eat ourselves, and we always have plenty to give to friends and family.”
– Jon


“The dome is its own private little world. Going inside the Growing Dome gives me such a feeling of peace. When I go in there the world stops.”
– Chrissy




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