Growing Dome Spring Tours

Growing Dome® Spring Tours

Step Inside a Year Round Garden

It’s not here quite yet. Winter hasn’t fully released its grip, but Spring is on its way. Which means, it’s time for Growing Dome Spring Tours.

If you’ve ever wanted to see year round gardening in the Rocky Mountains, a select group of Growing Dome owners around the Mountain West have agreed to open their “garden gates” to their communities for a day.

You have the opportunity to step inside a Growing Dome and see how dome owners tackle the challenges of growing local, year round food in the mountains.growing dome spring tours


Colorado Springs Growing Dome Tours

Saturday, April 15th. Colorado Springs, CO.

To Participate:

  • Visit the Growing Dome at 1060 Harrison Road
  • Saturday, April 15th
  • Between the hours of 10am and 2pm
  • A Growing spaces representative will be there to show the Harrison School Growing Dome and provide Maps and Directions to other Colorado Springs Growing Domes participating in the tour.

Feel free to show up at the Harrison High School, at your leisure, between the hours of 10am and 2pm on Saturday, April 15th.

If you know you want to join, we would love to hear from you. RSVP by calling Growing Spaces, in Pagosa Springs at 1-800-753-9333.

When the “Grow Your Own Food” Bug Grabs You

Inspiration for growing local healthy food springs from many places. For some, it’s food quality, or battling the steep price of organics, preserving the health of the planet, or cultivating the health of our families. For others, it’s a desire to reconnect to beauty in nature and the source of our food. Wherever it comes from, when it hits you… when the “grow your own food” bug grabs you, there is a feeling of empowerment and excitement at the possibilities.

And then, you try to garden in the mountains. It’s not an easy job. There’s no guarantee you will harvest the fruits of your labor. The ground is hard. It’s rocky. It’s frozen. Wildlife is hungry and will gladly eat anything you plant. The growing season is short. Unexpected hail, heavy snow, and high wind all contribute to the challenges. And we haven’t even gotten to the time constraints we all feel as we juggle demands of our busy lives.

Growing Dome Spring Tours Demonstrate Practical Solution to Year Round Gardening

Thankfully, a Growing Dome provides a practical solution. As you’ll see on the Growing Dome Spring Tours, it is possible to grow food year round. You can cultivate healthy food that nurtures healthy bodies. You can grow your own food independent of the Industrial food systems polluting water, air, ecosystems, and destroying planetary habitats. When you have the right tool for the job, it can be relatively easy too.

Imagine trying to dig a deep hole in your backyard with a screwdriver. When someone finally hands you the shovel, there is a sigh of relief and a sense of ease. The mountains are not always an easy place to cultivate, let alone grow all year round. Many who live here incorrectly believe it is impossible. We do face gardening challenges where we live… and sometimes you simply need the right tool for the job.

If you have ever been inspired about growing year round gardens, but not sure how to do it, then you’ll want to join us this year in the Growing Spaces® Tour of Domes. You owe it to yourself to see the Growing Dome in action. Sometimes seeing is believing. And it’s always inspiring when we get to share enthusiasm with people in our own communities. Growing Dome owners, when it comes to their gardens, radiate encouragement and enthusiasm.

A Multi-Sensory Indoor Garden Getaway

Something magical happens when you step inside a Growing Dome for the first time. It still happens to me after thousands of times. It’s a merging multi-sensory experience.

There is an immediate wonderful smell, a mixing of rich soil and living, growing things. You absorb warmth and a comfortable humidity. The sound of the waterfall in the above ground pond generates serenity and a meditative state.

You step in from the frozen outside, barren landscape, and into life. It’s an indoor garden teeming with greenery.

The surrounding arc of the geodesic design – looking at it from the inside – is mesmerizing in its own way. Shapes and patterns emerge and shift in your perception.  The Growing Dome surrounds you in a gentle, protective embrace. I’d like to think your plants feel it too. Either way, your garden is definitely protected.

All of this happens when you walk into a Growing Dome. It’s like entering an indoor garden sanctuary. It naturally instills a sense of reverence and serenity.

And then, to top it off, to add to the encounter, you pick a ripe cherry tomato off the vine, or a fresh strawberry, or a perfectly formed bunch of grapes… and it’s almost overwhelming.

The taste. The freshness. The natural flavors and sweetness combined with the smell of flowers, the entrancing sound of flowing water, warmth and humidity on your skin, the dancing geometry embracing you… all while eating a burst of a cherry tomato.

Yeah, it’s worth walking into a Growing Dome. Words fail to fully describe the experience. It is inspiring and sensual to be in, and eat from, a Growing Dome.

And, it proves without a shadow of a doubt it is possible. It is possible to live this way. You can grow your own food, even here in The Rocky Mountains. Right in downtown, your hometown, if you want.

It’s not just a romantic, unattainable ideal that would be great. It is real. It is doable. You see Growing Dome owners and the sense of ease in which they garden. Yes, it takes work. They are dedicated to it. They tend their gardens. But again, it’s like they’re digging with a shovel instead of a screwdriver, or an allen wrench. They are using the right tool for the job. It seems easy and effortless because proper design elements are aligned for effectiveness and efficiency.

Growing Dome Owners Collaborating with Growing Spaces

To Open Their Private Growing Domes for the Day

However, a quick word of caution before you join us on the Growing Dome Spring Tours.

A Growing Dome can become something of a private intimate space for an owner. It has a way of turning into a personal sanctuary of sorts. A Growing Dome has a way of growing on you. You will be entering the gardener’s domain. It’s not everyday we let others into our private worlds. Thankfully, Growing Dome owners on the tour are willing to share, at least for a day, and open up their gardens to let us peek in.

If you’ve ever thought about investing in a Growing Dome, or trying your hand at year round gardening, then come spend time inside established Growing Dome gardens. If you value local food, it’s an opportunity to connect with local growers and participate in the movement towards local, environmentally sound food production.growing dome spring tours

The Growing Dome Spring Tours are not really about the Growing Dome, although my biased opinion thinks the Growing Dome is something to behold. It’s really about the opportunity the Growing Dome creates, the possibilities it provides. It’s about a healthier planet and healthy people. It’s about reconnecting to the source of our food and enriching the experience in our communities. It’s about growing your own food and the magic that happens when you see smiling children stuff their faces full of handpicked chard, straight out of the garden bed. It’s about healthy families, a healthy planet, local food, and making it happen in your neighborhood.

So, if you want to see, smell, and maybe even taste what it is like to grow your own food, all year round, then join the Growing Dome Spring Tours ®and step inside a Growing Dome. Come see year round gardens in action. Join the Spring Tour of Domes and experience the unique growing opportunity a Growing Dome offers.

If you know you want to join, we would love to hear from you. RSVP by calling Growing Spaces, in Pagosa Springs at 1-800-753-9333.


    • Tom,
      We are still working out the details. We will update the information here when have the details and specifics. We look forward to seeing you there.

  1. We will be happy to give you more information soon the tour is on April 15.
    If we have your email address that would be easier for us to inform you.
    If you could send that to it would be easy for us to send you details.
    Thank you

    • Hello Barb,

      We do not have any Growing Dome tours set up this year in Wisconsin, but I can certainly help you get inside a Growing Dome near you. The best place to connect with someone locally is to reach out on our Growing Dome Enthusiast Facebook Group. Simply add a post to the feed asking if there are any Dome owners near you that would be interested in showing you their Dome. I can search on my end too, but the process will take a little bit more time than if you find the owner organically on Facebook. Here is the link:

      Thank you,


  2. Udgar and Puja,
    It was such a pleasure meeting you here in Colorado Springs. Thank you so much for stopping to see my dome. I know it’s a long drive between Pagosa Springs and Colorado Springs so if there is any leg work that I can do to help you get ready for the C.S. dome tour, please let me know. I would be happy to help.


  3. I had called last week, we need you to stop by in Pueblo, we are filling in our swimming pool and need to decide on the best location for the dome. If we come today to the dome tours, how long do you think it will take to tour the domes?

    • Penny,
      Thank you for participating in our Colorado Springs Tour de Domes! I have sent you an email to discuss details about your site, along with a helpful video about choosing the right location. I will be in touch.

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