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Our small Greenhouse Growing Domes are perfect for home gardeners and smaller organizations. We also have larger Growing Dome sizes available.


small15dome15 ft. Diameter Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit Our 15-foot diameter greenhouse kits are 150 square feet and offer a sustainable environment to grow fresh vegetables and fruit year-round. These small greenhouses are also ideal as hobby greenhouses for container and dwarf varieties of plants and for starting seedlings early for outdoor gardens. Our Growing Dome greenhouse kits operate on solar energy and are the most energy-efficient greenhouse kits available.
150 square feet of floor area.
Height 9 ft. 5 in.
Fresh produce for 2 to 3 people
Prices from $5,600.00


small18dome18 ft. Diameter Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit Growing Dome greenhouse kits are a wonderful way for small families to enjoy a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. These small greenhouses are 18 feet in diameter, offer 250 square feet of floor space, and are a great size for producing organic fruits and vegetables for your family of 3-4. Our greenhouse kits are available with optional weather upgrades for desert climates and windy environments.
250 square feet of floor area.
Height 10 ft. 8 in.
Fresh produce for 3 to 4 people

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Note: The above prices are subject to change, typically we manage to keep our prices stable

Growing Spaces does everything possible to keep the Growing Dome affordable. We encourage payment by check or wire transfer to keep business costs down.

Download our Growing Dome Price List (pdf)


Owner Supplied Items: The Growing Dome® is purchased as a greenhouse kit ready for assembly by owner, contractor, or Growing Spaces crew (33′ kits require at least a Growing Spaces Certified Supervisor and the 42′ kit requires a Certified Supervisor plus one Growing Spaces crew member). However, since a few items are bulky and costly to ship, and available at your local building supply store, they are not included in the greenhouse kit. Doing this lowers the overall cost for the Growing Dome owner. See the Technical Specifications page for more information on Owner Supplied Items.

Shipping / Delivery: Growing Spaces delivers and/or ships within the United States and also ships Internationally. Shipping / delivery, crating, and handling charges are not included in the price of the Growing Dome kit. See our Shipping page for more information on how to receive a quote. Local sales taxes do apply for customer pick-up. For more information on our shipping policy please visit Terms & Conditions – Our Product.

Installation is not included in the above prices. You may install the Growing Dome yourself (26′ Dome and smaller), hire a Growing Spaces Installation Supervisor to direct your crew, or you may choose to have our Full Crew install your Growing Dome kit. See details and prices on the Greenhouse Build Options Page or call us at 800-753-9333 for a quote.

Payment: 50% of the order total is due when the order is placed to reserve a shipment date. The remainder is due at least one week prior to shipping the greenhouse kit.