15 FT Greenhouses – Small Growing Dome Kits

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Growing Dome® Classic Kit

Our small 15 ft. greenhouse kits include a covering of UV resistant, shatter-proof polycarbonate glazing panels and a full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing. Features included that make this a year round greenhouse are automatic opening vents, a solar powered undersoil heating/cooling system, Reflectix insulation, materials for the pond, and a shade cloth. In addition, our 15 ft. small greenhouses feature a snowshed entryway with a door with a window, all hardware, and a 24” foundation wall with structural siding. Growing Spaces® offers the following Weather Packages and System Upgrades with our solar greenhouse kits: 150 square feet


Complete Growing Dome kit with two polycarbonate glazing options:

Twin-wall (8mm) 15 ft.ClassicKit – ($37.50/sq. ft.) – $5,600.00

5-wall (16mm) 15 ft.Classic Kit – ($41.50/sq. ft.) – $6,250.00

With 5-6 hours of sunlight per day, the twin-wall polycarbonate glazing keeps the Growing Dome 15-20 degrees Farhenheit warmer than the outside temperatures while the 5-wall stays 30 degrees F warmer. We recommend the twin-wall polycarbonate for locations in plant hardiness zone 8b or higher. You can use the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to look up what zone you are in using your zip code.

Weather Packages

Windy Weather Package – $240.00

1. Do you live on a hilltop or ridge exposed to the prevailing wind?
2. Are there winds gusting to over 60 MPH in your location?
3. Do you live in a very windy area?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then we highly recommend the Windy Weather Package for your 15 ft. Growing Dome greenhouse kit. This package for our small greenhouse adds sturdy Bayliss Hydraulicheck openers to all of the vents to prevent the openers and vents from being thrashed by strong winds. It also includes an upgraded Aluminet Shade Cloth that is designed to go on the interior of the Growing Dome.

Desert Heat Package – $500.00

1. Do you live in a desert or semi-desert climate (i.e. hot climate with low humidity)?
2. Do temperatures get above 95° F on a regular basis?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then we highly recommend Desert Heat Package for your Growing Dome. This package for our small solar greenhouse kits adds a Solar Powered Cooling Fan for extra ventilation and cooling and utilizes the evaporative cooling effects of a full-surround Misting System that easily connects to your garden hose.

System Upgrades

Solar Powered Waterfall – $250.00

The solar powered waterfall for the 15 ft. greenhouse kit provides aeration for the pond which the fish enjoy and helps to slow down algae formation. Even better, it creates a wonderful ambiance inside our year round greenhouses. View Growing Spaces video of our pond with a solar powered waterfall.

Metal Glazing Strips Upgrade – $290.00

Rather than using the clear aircraft tape that comes standard with the Growing Dome Classic Kit to seal the seams between the polycarbonate glazing panels, the Metal Glazing Strips Upgrade includes a strong roofing tape covered by custom built aluminum strips to seal the seams of the green house. After 10+ years of use on our small greenhouses we have found this upgrade provides a longer lasting, lower maintenance option for sealing.

Drip Edge Flashing – $75.00

This Drip Edge Flashing protects the wood on the inside of the top of your foundation wall from moisture and long-term degradation. There can, at times, be enough condensation accumulate to have water or ice sitting on the top plate of the greenhouse foundation wall for prolonged periods of time. Over the years this can degrade your wood despite having the best wood treatment possible initially applied to the wood. This custom cut and bent metal flashing installs right over your top plate.

Redwood Bottom Plate – $80.00

The strut on the foundation wall of the geodesic greenhouse that lays flat against the ground is termed a “bottom plate”. Growing Spaces’ small greenhouses come standard with a treated ProWood bottom plate. ProWood is a safe alternative to traditional pressure treated lumber, but some gardeners preferred to go with no treatment at all. For this reason we offer an upgrade to an untreated Redwood Bottom Plate that is resistant to decay for many years.

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Note: The above prices are subject to change, typically we manage to keep our prices stable. Growing Spaces does everything possible to keep the Growing Dome affordable. We encourage payment by check or wire transfer to keep business costs down. Owner Supplied Items: The Growing Dome® is purchased as a greenhouse kit ready for assembly by owner, contractor, or Growing Spaces crew (33′ kits require at least a Growing Spaces Certified Supervisor and the 42′ kit requires a Certified Supervisor plus one Growing Spaces crew member). However, since a few items are bulky and costly to ship, and available at your local building supply store, they are not included in the greenhouse kit. Doing this lowers the overall cost for the Growing Dome owner. See the Technical Specifications page for more information on Owner Supplied Items. Shipping / Delivery: Growing Spaces delivers and/or ships within the United States and also ships Internationally. Shipping / delivery, crating, and handling charges are not included in the price of the Growing Dome kit. See our Shipping page for more information on how to receive a quote. Local sales taxes do apply for customer pick-up. For more information on our shipping policy please visit Terms & Conditions – Our Product. Installation is not included in the above prices. You may install the Growing Dome yourself (26′ Dome and smaller), hire a Growing Spaces Installation Supervisor to direct your crew, or you may choose to have our Full Crew install your Growing Dome kit. See details and prices on the Greenhouse Build Options Page or call us at 800-753-9333 for a quote. Payment: 50% of the order total is due when the order is placed to reserve a shipment date. The remainder is due at least one week prior to shipping the greenhouse kit.