Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction & Design – Building a Greenhouse

For those of you who may be considering constructing a greenhouse dome kit from Growing Spaces® we have included videos below of installations of various sizes.

Complete Owner Installation:

The owner can install a Growing Dome® by following the instructions in the manual and installation video supplied with each dome. We recommend that at least a party of 2 people do the installation, though some tasks can be done alone.

Complete Growing Spaces Installation:

Growing Spaces can provide a complete crew, which is easiest for many owners. For more information see our greenhouse installation options.

Supervised Installation: Growing Spaces can provide an installation supervisor to work with the owner and owner- hired crew to install the dome. A supervisor costs $300 per day. Installation usually takes 2-4 days depending on weather, dome size, number and expertise of the crew, and site preparation.

For more information on pricing see our installation options page.



Watch these fun owner created videos of Growing Dome construction

View images of varying garden bed designs
If you would like more information, direct from the Growing Spaces team, contact us at or 1-800-753-9333