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Children and Food Allergies

We consider ourselves blessed beyond words with this wonderful, curious, innocent, gentle soul that entered this world almost three years ago. Our son has many interests in his short time on this planet but I would say that his largest love in life is food. People who have seen him eat a meal can not [...]

Sign up for Garden Talk greenhouse gardening tips

SPECIAL INVITATION TO “GARDEN TALK” Thinking about purchasing a Growing Dome Greenhouse? Garden Talk is our new, twice-monthly email subscription supplying you with over 20 years of Growing Dome greenhouse gardening experience from the owners of Growing Spaces and many of our customers. These emails are special excerpts from the “Growing Dome Gardener’s Companion E-Book” [...]

A Natural Way to Control White Flies

Q. How do I control white flies in my dome? A. The bad news is that you have white flies; the good news is that you have a number of options to try. If you catch the infestations early, you can take the time to treat individual plants with a dish soap, oil and water [...]

Green Living Expo this weekend!

4 Corners Green Living Expo Growing Spaces’ booth will feature a 12′ diameter Growing Dome at this weekends Green Living Expo in Durango, Colorado! April 17th & 18th Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday 10am – 3pm La Plata County Fairgrounds Durango, Co Look for Growing Dome booth!!

Maintaining a Healthy Garden

WATCH WHAT “CIDE” YOU’RE ON or … Maintaining a Healthy Garden in a World of Chemicals.. I don’t care what Punxsutawney Phil said, I’m dreaming of a green garden.  I see fields of snow melting away to crocus and daffodils and emerging grasses, or are they weeds! Quick, to the herbicide. Ah, digging in the soil, [...]

GROWING SPACES gardening classes in April

Reminder:  Gardening & Beyond begins TONIGHT, Tuesday April 6th! EACH TUESDAY NIGHT IN APRIL 5:30 – 8:00pm Archuleta County Extension Building Register here:

Snow Outside, Fresh Food Inside

March Tomatoes in Growing Dome Greenhouse

Can you guys believe we already have tomatoes sprouting in the Dome – in MID MARCH! – in Southern Colorado – from last years plants that have been ripped out!! You won’t see a single green leaf outside the Dome, for at least another month or two!!  (We’ll be eating tomatoes from this plant by [...]

February Greenhouse Planting

I have just planted peas, arugula, beets, and radishes in our 33′ Growing Dome. The peas are taking off they look fantastic! It is a wonderful 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the dome today!

Growing Dome Planting Schedule

Planting Schedule: There are three main seasons for planting in the Growing Dome. The time to begin planting is in the spring, round about mid March, when the soil is warm enough for the seeds of the warm weather plants to germinate. To ensure proper germination, the soil needs to have an average temperature of [...]