Chaffee County Home and Garden Show

“Our Delight” at the Chaffee County Home and Garden Show

Like most entrepreneurs, Udgar and I started our business based on our ideals, life experience, and the “what if?” kinds of questions that lead to a vision and a mission.

Having discovered the value of good nutrition, and the tastes of fresh food in the luxury of life when one feels well….

…we wanted to build a year ‘round growing system in the Rocky Mountains. We wanted to live our dream and help others enjoy their quality of life.Chaffee County Home and Garden Show

The Chaffee County Home and Garden Show last weekend was an opportunity to meet new people in another mountain town valley.

We were introducing ourselves with our product and the journey that created it from my husband’s life. In his talk, I was surprised to learn that he was “dreaming of solar power even as a boy at boarding school.”

“It seemed like a miracle to me then, and it still does now,” he confided in the car on the way home.

Entrepreneurship Can Demonstrate Caring and Value Life and Health Over Profit

When we set out to create Growing Spaces®, to offer the Growing Dome®, we wanted to show the power of entrepreneurship to demonstrate caring and value life and health …. more than the motive for profit.

We wanted to help people learn from the wisdom of Nature.

We wanted to model the kind of business that could change the course of economic development. We based our business on renewable and alternative forms of energy. We wanted to show that everything is connected.  We were devoted to living and growing in the Rocky Mountains.

This last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting so many excited people who already understood the values our business and product represent. They were motivated to grow their own food year round in high altitudes. They understood our design.  They already cared about their physical health and the beauty of a Growing Dome as their main resource for tasty food. They already cared enough about this quality of life to want to invest in it.

Udgar and I were amazed.

“The Aphids and the Aphid-dettes.” 

Sometimes, they didn’t know we had a supportive Facebook page or a community of thriving Growing Dome Owners, who share tips, but some did.

One lady who put her deposit down was teasing about her pride in becoming part of the “Dome Club.”  Others had formed an informal group called “the Aphids, and the Aphid-dettes.”  Their enthusiasm was so infectious. I found myself energized and engaged in our common vision.

When we started in 1989, we set out to show the world that sustainability, wellness, independence, empowerment, nourishment, connectedness and beauty were enough. They were the values that formed our mission for a business that disrupts the assumptions of not only the greenhouse industry, but small business in general. 

To see the bright acceptance of others living those values, and helped by our product and ways, was something I will never forget.

A special thanks to Claudia Stover who represented us for a decade in Chaffee County with such love in her mentoring that we have a glorious community of Growing Dome Owners there.

Thank you to to Kesy Curtis for doing all her work in getting the word out that we were coming, and for sharing the experience with us. 

We are so lucky to have you both as “team.”  Steven Stouffer too, provided so many dome owners in the area his extra flair for building and landscape development.

Thank you to all who came to our booth and shared their gardening journey or dream with us. It was such an honor to meet you all.chaffee county home and garden show

Puja Dhyan Parsons

Co-founder of Growing Spaces

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