growing dome spring tours

Growing Dome Spring Tours

Growing Dome® Spring Tours Step Inside a Year Round Garden It’s not here quite yet. Winter hasn’t fully released its grip, but Spring is on its way. Which means, it’s time for Growing Dome Spring Tours. If you’ve ever wanted to see year round gardening in the Rocky Mountains, a select group of Growing Dome owners around the Mountain West…

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sunshine gardens

Sunshine Gardens Senior Community

Sunshine Gardens Senior Community Growing Food, Fine Dining, and The Power Of Gardening Robert Hilger, founder of Sunshine Gardens, is a big man with big vision. His gentle presence and compassionate heart are backed by a fierceness in his eyes. A fierceness springing from knowing what you want and possession of resolve to get it. He means business. He is the kind…

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children's health

Children’s Health Empowered By Growing Your Own Food

The Pizza Bed Regenerating Children’s Health By Growing Your Own Food And Regenerating A Culture Connected to The Soil Our kids are fat. I know that’s a shocking way to say it, and with a little license to be politically incorrect – it’s probably accurate. Sadly. And as for adults, the majority isn’t any better off. But it gets worse, not…

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community gardens

Community Gardens and The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado

The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado “Growing your own food is a revolutionary act.” -Vandana Shiva Gardening is Revolutionary. Your garden is significant. Gardening creates a better world, bringing health to your body and health to the planet. It cultivates a quality of beauty that merits direct experience for full appreciation. Even a humble backyard garden plot causes a ripple…

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Vote for the Health of the Children

Vote for the Health of the Children…

As a gardening enthusiast, you know the opportunity for health and joy that comes from growing your own food. I have a favor to ask that will help spread that opportunity to children, but first… A group of local school kids recently visited our Growing Domes here in Pagosa Springs. A class of 4th graders. They were amazed by Rollie…

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Sierra House Elementary; Going Beyond The Curriculum

Sierra House Elementary School in Tahoe, California purchased two 18’ Growing Domes® from Growing Spaces® in September 2014. The installation was complete by November 2014. Michelle McLean, the dome chair; Kristi Wilson, first grade teacher & dome manager; Rebecca Bryson, assistant dome fundraiser; and Ryan Galles, Principal of Sierra House Elementary, had only dreamed about installing greenhouses on the school…

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Tour de Farms Growing Dome

Growing Spaces Participates in Tour de Farms Durango

We are all about eating local and homegrown food, so for us, the decision to sponsor the local Tour de Farms Durango was a simple one. This great event “highlights what is unique, healthy, and homegrown in our agricultural and gardening community.” It is a biking event with both short and long routes with stops at local farms and gardens….

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Durango Tour de Domes

Join us Sunday, May 4 from 11:00 – 3:00 for a free, self-directed driving or bike tour of local Growing Dome greenhouses in the Durango area and see how your neighbors are gardening year-round! Six Growing Dome owners in Durango invite you to see the flourishing gardens they enjoy year-round. This tour provides an opportunity to learn about the potential…

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growing domes

The Pagosa Verde Symposium: Growth Strategies for Rural Colorado Communities

On August 9th,our hometown of Pagosa Springs, CO is hosting a professional collaboration to explore economic growth, renewables, geothermal development and sustainable agriculture. The goal is to move Colorado mountain towns into a sustainable future. We are excited to lend our sponsorship and support to this great endeavor and are looking forward to the event. For more information visit: Overview…

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Nurturing Families in Our Community

We recently constructed a 26′ Show Growing Dome to join the four other Growing Domes at our facility in Pagosa Springs, CO. The 26′ diameter is our most popular size and we’ve been planning this build for that reason for a couple of years. Since we have plenty of gardening space for ourselves in the 22′ and 33′ diameter Growing…

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